School Has Started

My university life started four weeks ago. Already I’ve made quite a few friends, attended workshops and seminars, even played roulette whilst eating monster munch and drinking diet coke! That was a surreal Tuesday afternoon I can tell you! My journey has begun and what an amazing first month it has been. The lecturers are […]

A Shared Journey

As well as my university place being accepted, I have also heard that my student finance is now in place. The only thing left to do now is tell my boss I would like part-time hours from September. Ha! So easy to say but nerve-racking nonetheless. I have to work, unfortunately, but it’s true. I […]

It’s In The Job Description!

Just when you are thinking your child is growing up too fast, they do something that says I still need you mum! Today,  my daughter went with three friends to Alton Towers, which is approximately 20 miles away from our house. Nothing wrong in that I hear you cry! She has been many times before […]

My Biggest Fear

I had a horrible dream the other night. I dreamt I went to pick up my daughter from a party, which was at her friend’s house. I walked into the house and it was quite obvious that she was on something. “What have you taken?” I shouted at her. She cried and mumbled and was […]

A Cornish Treat

Last week, the family and I headed off to Cornwall for a weeks holiday. The weather prior to going had been particularly shocking and a bit of a wash out so a variety of clothing had made its way into the suitcases. The journey down the motorway passed without incident and after a brief downpour whilst […]

A Country Walk

There is something about being in the countryside that is good for the soul. Last Sunday, hubby, teenager, toddler and I took the dog for a walk. It was a perfect summer morning and we headed for a wooded area not far from us,  unfortunately known locally as “the butts”! The weather was fantastic, no […]

Anything to get a day off school!

  The teenager was selected last week to take part in an inter schools sports event at Northwood Stadium today. This is the same teenager, who asks me to write her a note excusing her from P.E. because she has a pain in her elbow! The event that she has been selected for is the […]


Well today is the first day of my recipe blog. I have made something very easy but equally delicious. Flapjacks. But that is so easy I hear you cry! Yes I agree, but you have to start somewhere and one, I have never made it before and two, after the lemon drizzle cake debacle the […]

Busy lives, busy people!

Why is it that we spend all week looking forward to the weekend because we can’t wait for a relaxing two days off and then when it gets here, we try to cram in as much as humanly possible into such a short time? Here we are on Sunday evening, a school night in our […]