School Has Started

My university life started four weeks ago. Already I’ve made quite a few friends, attended workshops and seminars, even played roulette whilst eating monster munch and drinking diet coke! That was a surreal Tuesday afternoon I can tell you!

My journey has begun and what an amazing first month it has been. The lecturers are all really inspirational and down to earth. They are always there with any offers of help and direction. The classes are a mixture of ages, (I’m not the oldest as I thought I would be) and everyone seems really friendly. So far so good. Not sure how I expected it to be but I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It’s funny sitting alongside students of my daughter’s age; they are my classmates, my fellow students yet I am old enough to be their mother. I think that this fact makes them slightly wary of me, in case I start asking them if they are eating well or if their rooms are tidy.

I can hear them talking about boys, nights out and clothes and they’re no different from me at that age. Yet we sit alongside each other as peers. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next three years.

At the beginning of last month I helped my daughter move down to Bristol Uni for her first year. That was hard. Her room was’nt a bad size and the kitchen was clean and tidy, not that it was going to stay that way I feared. There were five flats sharing a kitchen and bathroom. I met two of her flatmates before I left; they seemed really nice and friendly (hopefully tidy and clean!). She did’nt want to stay though once we got there. I think reality set in once we started unpacking her stuff that it was actually happening. She cried and did’nt want me to leave, said she would catch the train back home if I left. In the end, I had to walk out back to my car for the three hour long journey home. I cried.

She did’nt come back the next day. I think she was drunk a lot that first week. She’s loving it now though. All her flatmates are great and they’re having a fab time. Thank God! It’s all you can hope for in the end really; she’s made friends and she’s getting on with it. A bit like me really!



Any thoughts?

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