It’s In The Job Description!

Just when you are thinking your child is growing up too fast, they do something that says I still need you mum!

Today,  my daughter went with three friends to Alton Towers, which is approximately 20 miles away from our house.

alton towers

Nothing wrong in that I hear you cry! She has been many times before with me and her dad and other friends with their parents. Today, though I let her go with no parent and they made their own way there. They took the bus, which would take about 45 minutes and had to save their tickets, and be at the bus stop for the correct time for the return journey.

For most of this week, I have reminded her on numerous occasions to note the times of the buses, make sure she would be at the stop in good time because she wouldn’t want to miss it! It didn’t stop there either! Did her friends know which bus stand to catch the bus from?

Basically, I have driven her crazy! She even said she wasn’t going to talk about going anymore if I brought it up again! This morning we left the house early to pick one of her friends up and get to the bus station on time. I started to mention the times of the buses whilst we were driving, but she cut me off and said she KNEW what was going on and so did everybody else and could I STOP MITHERING HER!!!

O.K. Noted! She just wanted me to trust her. I did, but I can’t help being a mum. It’s part of the job description!

I am just being a concerned parent and I know that she knows this because when she got out of the car, she said “I’ll text you when I get on the bus and when we get there coz I know you’ll worry about me!”. Bless her!

I received two text messages before I arrived back home and we only live three miles away from the bus station, another when she arrived at the theme park and then numerous messages throughout the day telling me which rides she had been on!

She is back home now, up stairs absolutely shattered. She did get the right bus home, she didn’t lose her return ticket and they all had a fantastic day!

I don’t suppose you ever stop worrying about them, even when they get older. She is fourteen tomorrow (going on 18!) and even though it has been lovely for her to have this independence and go off for the day with her friends, she will always be my baby, fourteen or forty!

growing up

Any thoughts?

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