Where in the world…?

You have a chance to take an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world for three months. Where would you go and why?


If I could choose anywhere in the world to go all expenses paid, it would have to be Bora Bora, in the South Pacific. I would fly first class to Los Angeles, have a couple of nights stay in the Regent Beverley Wiltshire Hotel (Pretty Woman!), then onwards to the islands.

I would stay at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort Hotel in one of the over water bungalows, where you can feed the fish through the glass coffee table. Apparently, the hotel provide you with a crusty baguette and the coffee table slides off so you can feed them!


My days would be spent floating around on my back in the crystal clear waters watching the fish nibbling at my toes. I would lie on the pure white sand letting my fingers bury themselves. I would go to the spa every day and have the most delicious sounding facials, exotic wraps and sensuous massages. I would drink cocktails in the afternoon. I would fine dine every night, whilst watching the sunset over the lagoon. If I was feeling energetic, I would learn to jet ski, paraglide or maybe even snorkel!


Oh, how indulgent I could be!

I have chosen this type of dream destination for it’s total ‘away from it all’ feel. The Robinson Crusoe effect. I want to feel shipwrecked. I want to stand outside when there is a deluge of rain and feel the water running down my face and not shiver!

robinson crusoe

I want to feel free from the routine of daily life, get up when I want to, get dressed or not when I want to and not answer to anyone except myself, even for just a short while.

Perhaps though, I would put my husband and children on a neighbouring island and visit them from time to time!

Where would you go?

Any thoughts?

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