100 Years Young!

Yesterday, my parents took my Nan to her sister Anne’s birthday party. She was 100 years old! My Nan is 97 years old. If this is down to genes, then yippee! My Nan and her sister don’t see each other as often as they would like, albeit both are generally in good health. They had a great time catching up and Nan chatted to family members she didn’t know she had got! Hopefully, in a few days Anne will receive her official telegram from the Queen for this momentous milestone!


It made me think though about everything they must have seen during their lifetime. The world would have still been full of news of the Titanic disaster when Anne was born. When my Nan was born, the world was at war!

During the second world war, they lived through rationing, air raid sirens, loved ones and friends away at war. Post war saw the advent of the National Health Service, health care for all. It’s something we take for granted now and hard to imagine having to find money to pay for healthcare like they did.

The fifties saw the birth of rock and roll. Elvis and his swinging hips must have been quite the scandal.


In the sixties, they would have seen man fly to the moon. Mini skirts were the rage, as were beehive hairdo’s, and the Beatles. What must it have been like to be there through all these changes? These events we look back on and think wow! It must have been fantastic.


After the sixties, technology took over. Computers, mobile phones, the worldwide web, to name but a few. In nan’s day, letter writing was how you communicated with others. How unreal it must be for her to see me punch buttons on a mobile phone and have it bleep a message back to me!

All these momentous events that Anne and my Nan have lived through and experienced first hand perhaps seemed like natural progression to them.

In fifty or sixty years time, will we look back at 2012 and think wow?

What do you think?

Any thoughts?

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