Blind Dates

A friend of mine recently went on a blind date. This was arranged by her work colleague and the chap in question was her brother-in-law. Text messages were exchanged between them and a date, time and place was set.


Date day came around and she set off for the neutral meeting place, full of nerves and a little excitement. I did ask her how she was meant to recognise him, would he be holding a certain book or have a rose bud in his lapel? This was not the case. She had a description and was happy with that!

She arrived at the meeting place and there he was, already waiting. A good sign, I hear you say. Introductions were made and they headed off to the cafe. All was going well until my lovely, bubbly friend cracked a joke and he didn’t laugh. Apparently his lip muscles never moved. This did not bode well.  After a slight decline in conversation and coffee’s were finished, they left, separately.

Not to be put off by this, she is now being set up on another blind date! I would have a run a mile after the first date and gone into hiding never to been seen on the dating scene again. I am truly amazed by her. Her optimism and hope that there is someone out there for her is truly refreshing. She never bemoans her single status, is not cynical and she is ready to put herself out there and give it another shot. Well, hats off to you lady! You are an inspiration to anyone out there on the dating scene!


2 thoughts on “Blind Dates

  1. Giving the internet dating a go myself and going on my first date today (Hah!). Hopefully doesn’t go down like with your friend and that man ahaha. She is definitely an inspiration.

    Looking for Brunettey

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