It’s raining again….

Why is it that summer seems to just disappear at an alarming rate and slide straight into miserable, I mean Autumn?


It’s raining here at the moment, here being Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England for anyone who didn’t know!

Not just a light rain but as I write this in our conservatory, really heavy and loud rain! The sort that gets you wet, my nan used to say. It’s funny but I never asked her what sort of rain doesn’t get you wet!

I don’t mind rain per se, but when the nights are drawing in and it’s a bit chilly (I sit here in my big chunky cardy) it’s a bit depressing! It’s actually dark now and it’s not even eight o’clock! The teenager would normally still be out with friends till turned eight but even she is now hibernating watching Young, Dumb and Living off Mum, (trash T.V. at its worst, I know!).

Hubby looks forward to autumn. He likes the clear, crisp, frosty days and dark nights are welcomed. I do not like autumn or winter for that matter. I used to love winter. I would watch the weather forecast everyday to see if snow was on its way. But not anymore. There is no reason for it, i just find it stretches out for too long. Spring is an awful long way off! (I sound like I’m wishing my life away!)

I know we could have an Indian summer because September is usually a nice month and winter is still a good month or two away but at this precise moment, if I could fly off to sunnier and warmer climes, I would!

rainig pingu

2 thoughts on “It’s raining again….

  1. I know so many people mourning the coming of fall/winter. I’m celebrating, so I’m probably not one of the bloggers you want to hear from right now. I’m with your husband and all the bats of the world! Cool, dark–that’s how I like my days and nights.

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