Uni…..here I come!

Having recently mentioned that I had decided to sign up for a course with the Open University, I must now tell you that the deed is done. I signed up this week and I start on November the 1st. Holy shit! I am nervous one minute and then totally excited the next.

The course is called Making Sense of the Arts. It last twenty weeks and is a good starting point for people who haven’t studied for years, (moi) who aren’t sure if whether they are up to it, (also moi) and gives you an introduction into studying at University level. So there you have it, no turning back now! The confirmation letter of registering on the course has already arrived.

This course is also a good starting point if I want to go onto to study for a degree in English, Humanities or History, (I am interested in all three). If I enjoy this and pass it (hopefully), then I will possibly, hopefully get signed up for the first module of a degree. The only sticking point with this is, I need to start the degree before September 2012 or I will have to pay the extortionate inflated Uni fees!

This year, one module in the subject that I am interested in, costs in the region of £700.00. Next September, this will be £2500.00! Unless, you are already a student and working towards your degree, this will be the cost!

The Open University cannot confirm at the moment whether the course I am doing in November counts as working towards a degree. I am praying that it will be. If it is not, then I may have to start the degree earlier than planned. Nothing like striking while the irons hot!!!

Any thoughts?

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