Vintage me…

I love the 1940’s era. The hair, the clothes and the music. From Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade to victory rolls. I do love it all.

Sometimes I have even ventured out of the house in my non vintage reproduction tea dress with my hair in curls and flower pinned over one ear. The last time I did this three people I didn’t know commented (thankfully complimentary) on the way I looked. It was fantastic. It has been ages though since I have dressed up because I am quite self conscious about it.

I recently read a post from my favourite vintage blogger Fleur de Geurre, called Going Against the Flow. Fleur explains how she got into vintage and experimented with different sorts of fashion and hairstyles  over the years from punk to dreadlocks to heavy metal. The she came across the forties era and never looked back. It instilled a confidence in her that she had lacked as a child.

Fleur then goes on to suggest how vintage newbies can tap into this confidence. It can be from buying your first repro dress or wearing a pillar box red lipstick. Just a small change can set you on your way to being confident and comfortable in your vintage gear. I think I will definitely try and be more vintage in future.

Thanks Fleur, you rock!


Any thoughts?

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