A Country Walk


There is something about being in the countryside that is good for the soul. Last Sunday, hubby, teenager, toddler and I took the dog for a walk. It was a perfect summer morning and we headed for a wooded area not far from us,  unfortunately known locally as “the butts”!

The weather was fantastic, no clouds to be seen and the sum was warm on our backs as we climbed the hill to the wood.

It’s not very often that we all go out together to walk the dog, so it was lovely to be out as a family. The toddler in particular enjoys these walks, as he likes to look for sticks to throw for the dog. Sometimes, what he picks up isn’t quite what the dog has in mind and to the exuberant toddlers annoyance, completely ignores these “sticks” when thrown for him!

walk 2

When we reached the top of the hill and entered the wood, the air was cooler and to the relief of the teenager, the ground much more flatter! As we made our way through this shady woodland, we came to a clearing, which looked out over a field of tall grass (about 2 feet!), with huge trees meeting its boundary on the opposite side. It was absolutely stunning. The grass was swaying gently as the breeze whispered through it. Time had stood still. A calmness seemed to descend over us as we stood taking it all in. I have to say that at that moment, I didn’t want to leave. It was perfect.

All too soon though the moment had passed, as the dog came hurtling past my legs followed by the toddler who had found a much bigger stick!

Any thoughts?

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