Anything to get a day off school!



The teenager was selected last week to take part in an inter schools sports event at Northwood Stadium today. This is the same teenager, who asks me to write her a note excusing her from P.E. because she has a pain in her elbow!

The event that she has been selected for is the shot put. Up until the beginning of this week, she has never mentioned doing the shot put at school, never mind being very good at it! When I asked her why she had been selected for this, her reply was “well the teacher wanted me to do the relay but I fancied doing the shot put!”

It has transpired that she volunteered to go to Northwood Stadium because “it’s a day off school, mum”. Oh yes, I remember being that age, anything to get out of school! I actually attended Northwood and did the relay when I was her age, so I know how she feels! (can’t remember if I won though, it was a very long time ago).

So off she trotted this morning with her P.E. bag bursting with Cadbury’s fingers and a bottle of Iron Bru, which she bought herself (very healthy, not!) and a lovely lunch box made by yours truly for a “day out at Northwood” (her words!)

When she returned home this afternoon looking surprising weary, I asked her how she had got on. Not very well came the reply. She had tried her best but she had two no balls and on the third go she achieved three metres! The shot put was the first event of the day, so I think she might have been a tad bored as she was there all day!

At least she gave it her best shot!

Any thoughts?

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