My Top Ten Favourite Meg Ryan Movies


As a follow-up to my top ten favourite Tom Hanks movies, I thought I would have a go and list my favourite Meg Ryan movies. As they were in a few movies together, the list may seem similar!

  1. When Harry met Sally- my all time favourite!
  2. Sleepless in Seattle
  3. You’ve Got Mail
  4. French Kiss
  5. Kate & Leopold
  6. Innerspace
  7. Joe Versus the Volcano
  8. Addicted to Love
  9. Proof Of Life
  10. When a Man Loves a Woman

Some excellent movies here definitely!

Hubby and I have discussed watching every single movie we have one by one! He pointed out, and this is so true, that although we have lots of different movies in our collection, we never watch any of them! BUT if one of them comes on the T.V., then we sit on the settee glued to the screen. How amazing really, when unless there are adverts on that channel, you can’t leave the room in case you miss anything but if we put a DVD on, then we can stop and start whenever we want!!! It doesn’t make sense!

In saying all this though, I know what will be on the list when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, DVD’s!!!

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