Baking, part 2

Having already mentioned last week, that I was going to try out a recipe for a lemon drizzle cake, I thought I had better make the effort and have a go.

So last weekend, out came the mixing bowl, the ingredients all lined up on the worktop ready to go. Nothing amiss here I hear you cry.

Well, the plan was to make the cake, then to put the recipe, ingredients and a picture on a baking post and hey presto, I would have a baking blog!

Well, the reason that this has not turned up on my blog is because, dare I say it, it didn’t turn out all that well.

I made it in a loaf tin and it came out as heavy as a house brick! I couldn’t understand it! I followed the recipe to the letter, measured everything out exact but to no avail!

I asked the only expert I know in baking (Mum) and she told me that I used too many eggs! I must admit that using 4 eggs did seem like a lot to me too, but that was what the recipe called for!

So this weekend I’m going for something a little bit different. Chocolate flapjacks!

Fingers crossed, I shall be posting this one under my recipe category!

making cakes

2 thoughts on “Baking, part 2

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