The World is our Oyster!



There is nothing more exciting than seeking out our next holiday destination!

The hours spent on the internet researching every possible permutation. Which airline is cheaper and on which date? Which hotel is closer to the beach, town etc.? Is it family friendly? I can spend whole days sometimes surfing the net. It becomes quite an obsession. No stone is left unturned.

Then I will look at the local tourist information for free guides and brochures to order. By the end of the day, I will have written everything down, have numerous brochures on order and be jumping up and down like an excited puppy until hubby comes in so I can say “look what I have found!”

I still enjoy popping into the travel agents and coming out with an armful of brochures. I can’t wait to get home, make a cup of tea and browse through them, turning the pages excitedly. Where shall we go? The world is our oyster! (or so it would seem).

We have quite a collection of travel books at home, ranging from Majorca to California. The former we have been to numerous times and had fantastic holidays there. The latter we nearly went to in 2006. We had booked a three week trip to California, starting in San Francisco, taking in Yosemite and ending in L.A.. Unfortunately, we had to cancel because of unforeseen work commitments. Fortunately, we only lost the deposit not the entire holiday cost. I was devastated not to go as it is the one place I have always dreamed of going. We have not ruled it out though. Never say never…


Any thoughts?

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