Busy lives, busy people!

Why is it that we spend all week looking forward to the weekend because we can’t wait for a relaxing two days off and then when it gets here, we try to cram in as much as humanly possible into such a short time?

Here we are on Sunday evening, a school night in our house. The teenager is busystill doing her homework, even though she has had this homework for over a week. Hubby is making his own sandwiches for work tomorrow and I have just put a cake in the oven. In a couple of hours, we’ll all be in bed and the week will start all over again tomorrow.

We seem to be constantly rushing around over the weekend. Saturdays consist of a lot of washing and ironing and on Sunday, it is the weekly food shop at the supermarket! How I detest this chore with a passion!!! Everyone else must leave their food shop until Sunday too, because the supermarket is always so busy.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could freeze time and we could stop and stand still just for a moment? If nobody rushed anywhere and we didn’t try to wish our lives away. If there were no chores to do, no shopping and no cleaning. I think I know a place like this and it is in my dreams!

Weekends never seem to recharge the batteries in time for the working week. I can’t remember the last time we had nothing to do at the weekend. Perhaps it was pre-children! Not that I would ever be without them!!!

Any thoughts?

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