I Made It!


Made what you may ask?

Well let me tell you. I have being blogging every day now for a whole week!

Perhaps, anybody reading this may think that it isn’t a very long time. And yes, it is just a miniscule drop in the blogging ocean but I am very proud that I have got here.

As a mere sardine in this ocean, I thought perhaps joining the Postaday2011 was too much of a challenge. Trying to post something every day was on a couple of occasions, a bit of a push but I am glad I persevered.

Being part of Postaday2011 has made me make the effort. I wouldn’t like to miss  a day now because I would feel like I had failed when I have only just begun.

When you read about how writers get started, they often talk about being disciplined and to “just write”. Well, the Postaday has been an excellent discipline for me, whilst i am starting out in the world of writing and blogging.

As a personal goal, I am going to try to take a little more time on each post. Even if the post will be a short one.

I have never shown anybody what I have written before and having a blog page for fellow bloggers and social networks to view, gives me that little bit more inspiration to carry on and become a better writer. And perhaps, in time, I will become a bigger fish in this blogging ocean!

big fish

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