Having got home from work tired and weary after a hot day in the office, (its been around 80 degrees here today) I couldn’t wait to kick off my shoes, and open a bottle of wine, (well as soon as toddler was in bed). And what better way to relax and unwind is to put on a few tunes!

On a Friday evening after work, hubby likes to listen and watch music videos on You Tube. I think it gets him in the mood for a few beers down the pub later on.

One of my all time favourite songs is Rooms on Fire by Stevie Nicks, (the link is below if you click on her name, the http address doesn’t appear to work). When you listen to this, turn it up as loud as possible and sing away!

She has the most amazing voice, so unique. I have not done her justice by the way, with my singing. It has played it constantly as I have tried so link it to this blog post! ( which has taken me ages so any tips on linking You Tube would be appreciated).

Music plays such a huge part of mine and hubby’s lives, so I will try to write more about music I  like in future posts. For now, as the wine rolls on to another glass and the volume goes up, (it is Friday night!), I hope  you enjoy your night and have a good sing!

















Stevie Nicks

Any thoughts?

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