Yesterday at work, one of the girls bought in a home made lemon drizzle cake. It was truly scrumptious! It was light and had just the right amount of lemon in it.

After copying down the recipe, (it wasn’t an age old recipe or anything, it was from BBC Good Food!) I couldn’t wait to get home and check if I had all the right ingredients in! I didn’t, so they shall be bought today.

mixing bowl

There is something about baking that is very homely and satisfying, especially if the cake comes out nice! I used to bake when I was a young girl and have always enjoyed it. Somewhere along the way I stopped, especially when the children came along because I found I never had the time.

I have promised myself that I will try and bake something at least once a week. So much for the diet!!!

So this weekend, I am going to try out the lemon drizzle cake and I will let you know how it turns out!

lemon drizzle cake

Mmmm drooling already!!!

Any thoughts?

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