Anything to get a day off school!

  The teenager was selected last week to take part in an inter schools sports event at Northwood Stadium today. This is the same teenager, who asks me to write her a note excusing her from P.E. because she has a pain in her elbow! The event that she has been selected for is the […]

Shall I go for it..?

  When I started this blog, it was a way of writing every day, (well nearly every day) and doing something for me. I enjoy writing the blog, although I sometimes get stuck for ideas. But it has made me realise that I need to do something else with my life. I am a mum, […]

My Top Ten Favourite Meg Ryan Movies

As a follow-up to my top ten favourite Tom Hanks movies, I thought I would have a go and list my favourite Meg Ryan movies. As they were in a few movies together, the list may seem similar! When Harry met Sally- my all time favourite! Sleepless in Seattle You’ve Got Mail French Kiss Kate […]

My top ten favourite Tom Hanks Movies!

I watched Tom Hanks being interviewed last night on the Graham Norton show. Now there is one true Hollywood star. With a career spanning thirty years, it got me thinking about which Tom Hanks movies I liked the best, so I have compiled this list of my all time favourites, in no particular order:- Joe […]


Well today is the first day of my recipe blog. I have made something very easy but equally delicious. Flapjacks. But that is so easy I hear you cry! Yes I agree, but you have to start somewhere and one, I have never made it before and two, after the lemon drizzle cake debacle the […]

Should I? Could I? Dare I?

Last year, I went through a period of wanting to change something in my life. I wanted to do something just for me. After a few weeks of wondering what this dilemma would bring, I stumbled upon the Open University website and hey presto, a light bulb switched on over my head. I could do […]

Baking, part 2

Having already mentioned last week, that I was going to try out a recipe for a lemon drizzle cake, I thought I had better make the effort and have a go. So last weekend, out came the mixing bowl, the ingredients all lined up on the worktop ready to go. Nothing amiss here I hear […]

You must remember this…

Last weekend was the 1940’s event at Churnet Valley and unfortunately I was unable to attend.  I have been thinking a lot about last years event so I thought I would re-blog this post. I love vintage, especially the 1940’s era. The hair, the clothes, the music all make up a little bit of a passion for me! […]

The World is our Oyster!

  There is nothing more exciting than seeking out our next holiday destination! The hours spent on the internet researching every possible permutation. Which airline is cheaper and on which date? Which hotel is closer to the beach, town etc.? Is it family friendly? I can spend whole days sometimes surfing the net. It becomes […]

Busy lives, busy people!

Why is it that we spend all week looking forward to the weekend because we can’t wait for a relaxing two days off and then when it gets here, we try to cram in as much as humanly possible into such a short time? Here we are on Sunday evening, a school night in our […]