The Perils of Shopping with a Teenager and a Toddler

Of my two children, I’m not sure which is the lesser of two evils when it comes to shopping, the teenager with the moody strops or the toddler who cries as soon as we enter any sort of women’s clothing store.

Whilst the teenager is old enough to wander around by herself, she still likes me on hand whilst she picks things out to try on, as long as I don’t make any disparaging comments.  She is quite happy for me to follow her around like a packhorse, weighed down by the volume of try on’s.

Once in the changing room however, it can be quite a different story. I can’t look behind the curtain, I have to wait until she comes out and if I were to sing along to the changing room music, Heaven help me! “Mother, stop embarrassing me” I hear her cry, as I warble away to Coldplay’s “Yellow”. I have to admit though, the darker side of me sings all the more, if she tells me to stop.

Her face lights up however, when we are at the checkout and my purse comes out and not hers. Then I get a “Thank you Mummy” and everything rewinds to when she was seven. Only for a split second though, because I think I can hear another song coming on!

The toddler, though more easily pleased is a different kettle of fish. It is all about timing with him. As long as I am readily equipped with a drink and a packet of Cadbury’s buttons, he is happy bunny. For the immediate future anyway! Time is also factor with the toddler. If I stay too long in one store, the volume control on the back of him (I’m sure it’s there somewhere!) seems to automatically head up! Honestly, I don’t understand why he doesn’t like looking at ladies shoes!

When the buttons are all gone, then a possible bribery match gets into full swing “Let Mummy just look in here and I will go and buy you a nice book” or “We’ll go and get that teddy bear in just a second once mummy has tried on these jeans”. It’s terrible I know but there is no other way round it really!

The two things that I have come to realise after today, (yes, all this happened today!) is one, I could bring help such as Nanna and two, I am seriously out-of-pocket when I shop with both children at the same time!

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Any thoughts?

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