Purple Haze

Oh, the joy of watching your little ones grow up. Watching them toddle about, exploring their new world, making friends on their first day at school and losing that first tooth. All these events make up the joy of parenting. No matter how much they cry or throw up on you, the little things that make being a parent so very special make it all worthwhile.

Then comes that day! I always knew it would come, from the moment she put on a fairy dressing up outfit and tottered about in my work shoes. The little angel who dressed up with a tea towel on her head whilst watching Tweenies Nativity Christmas special, whilst I lovingly wrapped her favourite bear in a tea towel so it could be the baby Jesus.

It has happened. Last week, my darling little angel turned thirteen! Cue the Kevin the Teenager swinging of arms and shouts of everything’s not fair! Although, in fairness this has generally being going for on for a while now!

Anyway, here comes the thing. Yesterday, she sauntered into the house with a bag containing a bottle of hair dye, Rihanna red, with shouts of “can we do it now mum?”. I was torn between letting her be the teenager she now is, whose world is filled with hair dye and mascara or making her stay that little angel, adorned with fairy wings and a gappy smile.

I was tempted to swing my arms and cry “its not fair!” but the look on her face made me stop. She looked exactly as I did when I asked my mum to dye my hair for me, so excited to be growing up. although I’m sure I was that little bit older than she. Well that what I told her anyway!

Tonight, has been the night. My little girl with her lovely golden brown locks has now turned into a purple haired vamp, so much for Rihanna red! I know that there is little I can do to stop this ball not just rolling but thundering into adulthood but I would like to slow it down just a little bit and keep my baby a little girl just that little bit longer!


Any thoughts?

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