Bank Holiday Blues…

Well, today has been a total washout, weather wise. A typical bank holiday Monday. I think we were spoilt with the bank holidays a month ago. What an amazing Easter it was! There I was with the husband and two children sunbathing in Cornwall in April! Something doesn’t sound quite right about that. Sunbathing in […]

Purple Haze

Oh, the joy of watching your little ones grow up. Watching them toddle about, exploring their new world, making friends on their first day at school and losing that first tooth. All these events make up the joy of parenting. No matter how much they cry or throw up on you, the little things that […]

I’m part of Postaday 2011

I know there is only six moths or so left of 2011, but there is no time like the present to start! This is my first blog and actually my first official “proper” post! I hope to post every day now on a variety of topics that will come to me as soon as I […]